How to use the HudsonFur Mailing List


Joining the list

To join the list, go to this URL:
and fill out the subscribe section.


How to post

Send the message to, as you would any other e-mail message. Try to use a meaningful subject. 'HF:' will automatically be added to the beginning of the subject to help members distinguish HudsonFur mail from other mailing lists they might belong to.


How to reply

Reply to the message as you would any other e-mail message. Be sure that the reply gets sent to

Again, 'HF:' will get added automatically.


Leaving the list

go to the same url as above,
and fill out the 'unsubscribe' section.

Posting Forwarded messages

If you're sending out a message to a large number of recipients, and the HudsonFur list is among the recipients, there is a good chance that the message will be rejected by Majordomo, the list management software. You'll have to trim the number of recipients, or send the message to the HudsonFur list alone. This is probably a Good Thing anyway.

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