Hudson Fur Mailing List Guidelines

HudsonFur is a mailing list for furries living in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut (and surrounding areas too. We're not particularly fussy. If you feel like flying in from New Zeland to visit us, you're quite welcome to do so!)

The list is run by Smrgol, and hosted on Puma's server, using the Majordomo list software.


Posting guidelines

Messages should try to relate to some aspect of furrydom in the area. For example, organizing informal gatherings, stores selling merchanidise that may be of interest to furries (comics, magazines, costume supplies, etc.), or rideshare information for larger conferences.

General chat is fine, again, all are welcome! I'd recommend that you start off by introducing yourself (be sure to include where you're from!).


Okay, there are a few restrictions...

Binaries and other encoded files are not permitted on the list. Place them on a web page or offer to send them by private e-mail instead.

Please try to avoid one-liners and "Me too's!", as they tend to fill up mailboxes very quickly. Take it to a chat room, private e-mail, MUCK, or IRC instead.

Please watch your language, and try to keep sexually oriented material (in other words, 'yiffy' stuff) to a minimum.

If it's a message that has been forwarded to a number of other people, there's a good chance it shouldn't be posted to the list. Virus warnings, urban legends, make money fast schemes, dying boy wants business cards, and the Neiman-Marcus cookie recipe are all examples.


To summarize...

When you post or reply to a message from the list, it gets mailed automatically to EVERY member (all 120 or so!). Keep this in mind when writing your message or reply.

The list is rated PG!

These guidelines should suffice for now. If you see a post labeled [ADMIN], it may contain updates to this.

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Last update: June 12, 2005
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